Our Solutions

Toolka Enterprise Software Solutions makes use of AI, Internet of Things, API Management, SaaS Development of Products to serve the customers with better services.

AI and robotic process automation

Eliminate repetitive processes without sacrificing quality. Automation and AI enable new capabilities and insights for your business. Utilize our industry expertise, process knowledge, and advanced capabilities to modernize IT. Demand for automation is driven by a strong need for digital transformation and automation of business and IT processes.

Internet of things

The Internet of things is essential for business. Internet of things provides companies with real-time insights into how their systems actually work, providing them with information about everything, machine performance to supply chain and logistics. Internet of things can also use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to make data collection processes easier and more dynamic.

Machine Learning and computer vision

Acquiring the data, processing & analyzing by using the best tools and techniques, we provide the software that can help algorithms train the model to perform accurately in real-life situations. The data storage process is streamlined with SaaS more than with on-premise software because it happens automatically.

API Management and Microservices

We provide API management to our software that helps organizations to manage their growing number of integrations, all without compromising performance and security. Several tradeoffs come with micro services, including service sprawl, increased complexity, and the risk of duplicate work. Organizations need micro services and APIs together to effectively implement the architecture.

Digital Marketing

We offer marketing automation software that helps you attract the right audience, convert more visitors into customers, and manage complete inbound marketing campaigns - all in one convenient, easy-to-use SaaS platform. With so many competitors in this market space, the software products are more affordable to smaller businesses. These cost savings enable users increase productivity and the value of daily operations.

SaaS Product Development

Customers find it incredibly convenient. They can avoid all the problems with software installation and configuration by utilizing the SaaS product. SaaS redefines business communication and accessibility. Its simple subscription-based licensing model option offers even startups to take advantage of the same tools as larger corporations, without long-term contracts with excessive features.


At Tess.co our values influence every decision we make. We surround ourselves with a powerful team which helps us in keeping our values, sticking to our plan, carrying our mission to grow together.

Our Mission

Our mission is to put optimization within your reach by providing software solutions that save time and money. We successfully achieve this by developing and providing innovative software solutions that are mature, scalable and satisfy your current and future business demands.

Our Plan

Our plan is to provide you with the best package of software that will help you grow your business. By pre-calculating the common needs of every customer we built software that will save your time, money & will eliminate the risks involved in your business.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become essential to our customers by providing best quality of software solution helping them to achieve their aspirations. We value the growth & we want our every customer to grow with us.  

Our Care

We care for both our team & customer. We built a work culture to which our team wants to be part of. A company they can do good work for without scarifying anything. As we believe “Growth depends upon the people who prioritize aligning together & building around growth”.